MB-104 Passive

The new MB-86 series Windows and doors has been designed to offer exceptional insulation properties. It meets the increasing requirements of the single market, regulatory and improve energy-efficient Windows and doors for new construction. There are three versions are offered: ST, SI and AERO.

This is the first aluminum system, which is used in the aerogelis of Silicon material, nanoporinga, which contains a very large part of the free movement of an empty volume, compared with the normal rigid materials. Its a very small mass, poringa solids, amorphous, and difficult to structure consists of the ability to reach a very low thermal conductivity values.

The system is characterized by the following industry leading thermal conduction properties. In addition, it has a coefficient of inertia and an exclusive profile, which provides the ability to produce up to a larger size and more.


Features and benefits:

  • a large choice of profiles
  • a new form, especially in the thick heat containment measures
  • made up of several components of the Central gasket
  • with the additional possibility of glazing Strip seal
  • window glass, allowing up to 67.5 mm equipped with all types of window glazing, two cameras, the sound and the protective glass to protect against hacking
  • large glass areas, wireless
  • for various technical measures, including the hidden veil
  • water drainage is possible in a traditional, and hidden the update
  • high energy-saving targets from 0.57 W/m2K
  • smooth, precise lines aluminum hull pressed to narrow the
  • many finishing options

Air permeability: class 4, EN 12207:2001
Water throughput: E-class 1500 Pa, EN 12208:2001
Window thermal insulation (U(f)):
MB-86 ST. from 1.39 W/m2K
MB-86 SI from 0.92 W/m2K
MB-86 AERO from 0.57 W/m2K
Wind resistance: C5 class (2000 Pa) EN 12211:2001; EN 12210:2001