• Multi-chamber VEKA profile renowned German company with the wall thickness of the highest quality standard PN-EN 12608 “class A” profile of 82mm width, available in a wide range of colors (white, winchester, swamp oak, walnut, mahogany, golden oak, sienna rosso, dark gray (anthracite)) and 17 of complementary colors and a full range of RAL colors.



  • EPDM (Ethyl- Propylene -diene-monomers) – characterized by a much better parameters in terms of resistance to aging, high temperature and resistance to external factors. In addition, EPDM seals do not break, it’s resistant to ozone and characterized by excellent tensile to stretching, tearing and compression, available in black- also available on request in caramel or gray.



  • The basic version of the windows have galvanized steel reinforcement in the closed frame (1.5mm) and specially curved wing of unprecedented strength (1.25 mm). It is the most important element in ensuring long-term, reliable operation of windows


Glazed units

  • The standard glazed unit is 4TPS / 18A / 4 / 18A / 4TPS of Ug = 0.5 W / m2K according to EN673
  • Uw = 0.85 W / m2K according to a report ITB No. LFS0002346 / 14 / Z / 00NF



Maco hardware checked to ensure tightness windows as standard with:

  • anti-burglar hook fittings for sashes, making windows much safer
  • classic, comfortable-to-use aluminum handle
  • each tilt and turn sash feature micro ventilation thanks to which it provides control of ventilation, guaranteeing the good health and well-being



  • skirting trim – protects the edges of the frame from damage during transportation and installation, in addition allows the correct assembly of the sill
  • carrying handle



  • Hoppe Secustic handle, which was first to use turning the handle locking mechanism, which also protects against intrusion attempts window by moving from the outside elements locking hardware
  • hidden fittings and hinges
  • anti-burglar fittings in RC1 and RC2 class
  • Swisspacer which improves thermal insulation at the edges of the glass and reduces the risk of water condensation. As a result, allowable relative humidity, may be higher by approx. 10-15%
  • laminated safety glass and anti-burglar glass P2, P4 class
  • ornamental glass, reflective