Veka Softline 82

PERFECTHERM -This is a modern Windows, manufactured according to the highest standard. Perfectherm Windows will provide a unique picture of the Interior. The base of the window profiles are in four colors (white, Brown, dark gray and caramel).

On the following window glass used in the production of nužeminto profile increases the surface area of the package, while at the same time the room becomes brighter.

The optimum number of the selected camera profiles, additional internal intermediate, intermediate frame and varčioje and dvikamerinis the three windshield glass package enables you to achieve the requirements of passive Perfectherm langam window.

The two shapes of the wings-półzlicowane and niezlocowane, is well suited to modern construction. Perfectherm is a window in the building an unusual lightness and style.

The four main color profiles to create a harmony with the rich variety of laminatės. Perfect for the upcoming Perfectherm window for both the classic white and wood decorative film and modernism of the RAL colors from the palette.

The installation depth of the six camera profile 80 mm and 48 mm Triple Pack a warm frame provides excellent thermal window time 0.78 W/m2K.

Use the three seals, sash and frame, you can get a very good insulation properties.

Carefully developed and rugged construction, the use of ball dows and packages that effectively protect the building from hacking.

The thickness and girth of window profiles class fittings with a reputable company, MACO 5 and maximum corrosion and specially shaped reinforcing reliability for many years.