Wooden Windows

OPTITHERM windows are more like standard. It is an offer for people looking for woodwork with higher parameters of thermal insulation and optimal price.
80 mm 6-chamber profiles with wide external deaeration chamber is a guarantee of durability and resistance to unfavourable atmospheric conditions, especially to high temperatures causing stresses.

  • OPTITHERM provides balanced harmony of rounding casement and frames, stylish glazing bead, black or gray seals, wide variety of window panels as well as warm edges.
  • OPTITHERM means higher energy saving. 6-chamber profiles as well as 80 mm frames and application of triple glazing packets ensure excellent thermal insulation.
  • OPTITHERM means calmness and safety. Wide choice of glazing units with higher acoustic insulation and burglary resistance parameters, possibility of mushroom striker plate installation as well as handle with metal insert, that increases users comfort and safety.
  • OPTITHERM provides ecological profiles, where the leaden regulators were replaced with the calcium-zinc stabilizers, that are human and environmental friendly.
  • OPTITHERM is a guarantee of durability and long-term faultless exploitation, thanks to the reinforcement closed inside the frame and high quality multi point locking fittings with EPDM.



Profiles: installation width: 80 mm frame, 80 mm sash;

  • 6-chambered frame and sash.

Window panes: the possibility to use glass of thickness 24-36 mm, Ug value is as follows: double-glazing 1,0 W/m2K, triple-glazing Ug = 0,7 W/m2K.

Hardware: MACO of Muliti-Matic series.

Sealing: replaceable EPDM sealing.

Reinforcement: closed reinforcement fitted in window frame.