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More and more often traditional curtains are replaced with modern and contemporary roller blinds. Professionally made and installed roller blinds effortlessly slide up and down at the window glass. The guiding strips glued to the glass strip ensure a required fabric clinging to the window.“Langė” store offers the broadest range of roller blind fabrics. If you unable to arrive to the store we will deliver the catalogues or arrange everything online by sending photos and videos.
You can choose roller blinds from a broad chart of fabric patterns, colours and shades, a variety of mechanisms, roller blinds for all types of windows, walls and ceiling. In case of hinged windows a fabric of roller blinds remains clinged to the glass. In order to adapt a roller blind for use in humid premises the customers can choose from specific types of fabric. Roller blinds can be cleaned from top-down and bottom-up. Roller blinds are used for blinding of dwelling premises, blocking of solar heat (rays), in offices, bathrooms and kitchen. Characterful roller blinds can be used for interior exhilaration thus creating more considerable comfort at your home.

The customers choosing roller blinds of “Langė” will have flexibly opportunities to acquire roller blinds specially manufactured for their windows. For this reason such roller blinds will ideally fit windows of any size.
You will be satisfied with high-quality products. The company uses only quality materials in manufacture of its products. Therefore they are durable. Our personnel will take the gauge of windows and will mount roller blinds. Moreover, our professionals communicate directly with the manufacturing department. Therefore you will avoid whatever problems. And the most important, you will acquire roller blinds at a very good price.