Grid Roller

Approved pasukamomis metal plates or special magnets. These nets can be installed on non-standard windows (for example trapezoidal). Frame is installed between the window frame on the outside, as well as the possibility to be mounted on the opening. Nets can easily be removed again if necessary replace. Nestandartiškai can be in the frame to make: aluminium network, which protects it from rodents, as well as the invisible grid (one and a half times with thinner filaments, which are less obvious than for the standard network), antialerginį network, suitable for the allergic people, who trap pollen and the very finest dust.

The grid – frame profiles in standard colors – white, or brown, non-standard color – laminated with golden oak and the popular anthracite color. Also profiles can be painted in any desired RAL palette colour.

In order to properly and without gaps installed in the piece produced by crochet, it is needed that all the window or door frame, the edge is in one plane.

Frame colors: white, brown, golden oak and black. Grid – grey.